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It’s inevitable, when the music fades, the glitter is gone, and the costumes are back in the closet, we wonder why we feel more authentic at a festival? We all long to be known exactly as we are. Wouldn’t it be great if we could truly be ourselves every single day? How can we extend the connection, love, community, and fun? We believe we can make that dream a reality. With your help, we are creating a network for the festival community.

FestNet is your community. Connect. Share your photos and reviews of your favorite acts and festivals and we will share them with the community.

Bee, bambam, & Usonia Joe


Why FestNet? is for you if you want to:

~ Stay connected with Festival Friends.

~ Bring the festival vibe into your daily life.

~ Share photographs.

~ Get a festival related job or gig.

~ Work, Collaborate and Co-Create with others in the FestNet.

Our Private Network

FestNet is a private network for the transformational festival community.  We created FestNet because we love festivals and want to have a way to connect with others that is separate from any other social networks.  Extremely secure, you are always the one who decides what you do with your data, you can completely delete your account at any point, without any restrictions.

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